The Digital Creative Competition Student Category (DCC Students), is now live and you are welcome to submit your entries.

All submitted ideas are to be based on the Non Profit Organisation, Min Stora Dag.

Read more about Min Stora Dag and download the Info-kit including the Creative Brief here: DCC Students info kit

So turn on your creative minds, unlock your creativity, because all you need is an idea!




Apart from being awarded the winner of this years DCC Students, live at an event in Stockholm, you are also competing for a grand total of 1 000 000 SEK, in mediavalue to be used towards producing your idea for Min Stora Dag to be published within Oceans Digital out Home network.

The Award show will take place in late November and deadline for entry is the 21st of October at 11.59 pm.


In 2010, Ocean Outdoor UK organized the first Digital Creative Competition to encourage and accelerate new opportunities in screen advertising.

Twelve editions later, the technology has transformed outdoor advertising from static to subtle motion, full motion, interactive, streaming, augmented reality and 3D simulations. Ocean continuously invests in new innovative opportunities to enable brands to have better contact with their target groups. With the right support technology and insights, the possibilities for brands, agencies and the general public are endless.


Develop your concept based on the above summary. Keep it relevant to the brand, purpose and medium.

In addition to your pictures, we also want a short explanation of your idea in a maximum of 500 words. In this we want to read how you see your idea live, on which screens, how it fits with the brand, who you want to reach with it, etc.


To keep the participation process as simple as possible, we ask you to make a number (max. 5) visualizations of your concept. We have a good dose of templates and other assets for you that you can use for visualization. The clearer the better, but remember that we do not need “final artwork” yet.

To make it even easier, you can also draw your idea on paper or sticky notes. Take pictures of it and send it in.


Submit your idea using our Entry form.

When we have received your work in good order, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail and you will participate in the competition.

By submitting your work, you accept the the terms stated below.


Entries will be judged by a jury of 12.

1 st Prize is a sum of 1 000 000 SEK that is fully usable on any of the digital screens within Ocean Outdoor Sweden’s network packages, including DeepScreen™ *

*The cost of the DeepScreen™ license will be deducted from the total value.



We are looking for creative concepts that take full advantage of the opportunities and push the boundaries within Digital Out of Home.

We are open to all ideas and want to ensure that participation is easy and accessible to all.

Whether your idea has been developed in / on a post-it note, after effects or photoshop, it doesn’t matter. Everything is allowed as long as the idea is ready and it meets a number of selection criterias. For example, the idea must be original, and it must not yet have run on another media platform. In addition, all ideas must follow the rules of the Swedish Advertising Code.

Download the Creative Brief included in the Info-kit here: INFO-KIT

To help you visualize your concept we’ve put together a pack of templates for several of our locations. If you need any help using these files or need anything else – please get in touch.


The evolution of the medium facilitates use of both full motion imagery and integrated technology, to deliver emotionally engaging campaigns.

It has also taken a fundamental leap forward in its fame, its power and its potential for brands. From being an effective OOH communication platform providing huge success for brands, it is now a platform that delivers this as well as extensive amplification across social media, meaning the point of influence for brand messaging is not just people in front of the screen, but extends to global eyeballs.

Creative Inspiration

Creative Inspiration


If you struggle to visualize your idea, no problem.

We have both a Campaign Preview Tool where an idea can be tested and various templates where ideas can come to life. As stated, it is also possible to make a sketch on paper.

Do you need some inspiration to explore DOOH’s possibilities? Plan a brainstorm with one of our account managers or someone from our content team. In the end, Ocean helps visualize the ideas the jury has chosen as a challenger.





  • The idea must be new and non-existing.
  • The idea may not yet be running on another media platform.
  • We are open to all creative ideas, expressions and messages.
  • Is the message effectively conveyed on the DOOH screens?
  • Are DOOH’s unique features well used?
  • Is the idea relevant to the brand / business goals?
  • There must be approval from the brand / customer to participate.
  • The ideas must follow the rules of the Swedish advertising code.
  • Our usual spot lengths are 5 and 10 seconds, but it is also possible to dominate the entire 60 second loop. Note that the total media value to be used is based on a frequency of around 1/10 SoV.
  • Full motion content is possible.
  • See our pricelist for available DOOH inventory and products.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us and we will be happy to help you!

It is possible to plan a brainstorm or a meeting to explore the possibilities together with our team members.

Reach out at: dccnordics@oceanoutdoor.se 

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